Comfort Dog Program

Individuals who have been paired with Emotional Support Animals show dramatic improvement working through a range of challenges like PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress and trauma. The CACSC is happy to introduce our newest team member, Remi, who is joining us full time in December of 2020. Remi is the first of two licensed emotional support dogs available to children, families, and staff to provide a comforting presence. He will be joined by a companion in the summer of 2021.

Research shows that children who have spent as little as one week’s time with an Emotional Support Animal like Remi saw a decrease in trauma effects by 82%.*

(*Journal of Evidence-based Social Work)

What can I help with?

  • I can help children regulate their emotions.
  • Reassure children that they are safe while overcoming trauma.
  • Provide a sense of calm for someone experiencing anxiety or stress.
  • Empower children with learning and behavioral disabilities.
  • Connect to children who may struggle to bond with their peers or adults.

How does this work?

With permission, Remi will be introduced to a child, family, or individual at the CACSC. His training helps him recognize when someone is experiencing distress, approach that person calmly and quietly, and offer them support by laying his head on their lap or his body near them. Remi’s warmth, softness, and gentle demeanor help our own brains to release the chemical oxytocin, which is responsible for “warm fuzzy” feelings like love, social bonding, and overall wellbeing.

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