Leading what is possibly the most intricate part of our Multidisciplinary Team, prosecutors from the Criminal Division of the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s office review cases to determine if charges should be filed against an offender. Once charges are filed, a Victim Witness Coordinator will be assigned to the case. This coordinator is responsible for keeping victims, family members and professionals informed about the court case including dates of preliminary hearings, trials, sentencing and any other proceedings. Each case is assigned an Assistant District Attorney (prosecutor) who is responsible for explaining the case facts to the judge and jury.

Oftentimes, the prosecutor will meet with the child victim and non-offending caregiver prior to any court proceedings. At this meeting, a tour of the courtroom is offered in order to help ease anxiety. The prosecutor will explain where everyone sits in the courtroom and what to expect the day of court.

The Juvenile Division of the District Attorney’s Office also plays a key role in implementing safety plans for at-risk children by overseeing Child in Need of Care cases. Working with investigators from EMCU, the Assistant District Attorneys assigned to the juvenile division, help assess whether a child can safely remain in the home. If children are determined to not be safe at home, they may be placed in State’s Custody.