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Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Month

It is the responsibility of adults to provide the safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments that help children thrive. We encourage everyone to support families and keep children safe. There are several things you can do to raise awareness and impact positive change during Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County is asking everyone to wear BLUE every Friday in April to help us raise awareness about child abuse prevention.  So wear blue, take a selfie and post it to our Facebook page @CACofSedgwickCounty and/or Instagram @cac_SedgwickCounty with the hashtag #WearBlue2022! and/or #GoBlueICT.    Help us reach as many people as possible with child abuse prevention information by following us on social media and sharing our posts! 

(Español) PROTEGIENDO A LOS NIÑOS: Reconocer y Responder

Virtual Zoom

¿Qué significa ser un informante obligatorio? La ley de Kansas exige que muchos profesionales que trabajan con niños denuncien la sospecha de abuso y negligencia infantil. Los participantes aprenderán sobre las leyes de abuso y negligencia infantil de Kansas; indicadores físicos y de comportamiento del maltrato infantil; cuándo hacer un reporte; qué información se necesita; definiciones y diferentes tipos de abuso; qué sucede después de que se hace un reporte; y los efectos a largo plazo de las experiencias adversas de la niñez.

Connections Matter Part One (two part series)

Virtual Zoom

Every day connections are more important than we ever believed. Science tells us that relationships have the power to shape our brains. Relationships help us learn better, work better, parent better. When we experience tough times, relationships help us heal. With each connection, we develop a healthier, stronger community. Connections Matter is a training designed to engage community members in building caring connections to improve resiliency, prevent childhood trauma, and understand how our interactions with others can support those who have experienced trauma. Connections Matter explores how the connections we make in life profoundly impact our brain’s ability to grow and our own abilities to cope and thrive. This is done through a training curriculum that educates participants on adverse childhood experiences, trauma, brain development and resilience. Connections Matter ultimately strives to promote the building of more resilient, compassionate, and trauma-informed communities – thus allowing all children and individuals to succeed. This training is pre-approved for 4.0 KDHE child care licensing hours.

CEUs: This training is approved by KDHE for child care licensing hours. BSRB approved.