The Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County is founded on the belief that no single agency or professional alone can serve and treat child abuse -- a multidisciplinary team response is necessary.

Our History

Sedgwick County has been at the national forefront of child protection since the development of the Exploited and Missing Child Unit (EMCU) over 20 years ago. City, County, State, private and nonprofit agencies have longstanding cooperative working relationships to provide services for the victims of child abuse. This cooperative relationship marked the beginning of a multidisciplinary approach and was identified as strength in the community. To enhance this strength, Community leaders recognized service providers could be further unified by following what is known as the Child Advocacy Center model.

In March 2006, a task force of representatives from agencies devoted to protecting the safety and welfare of children was established. The task force researched the philosophy and practical application of this model by touring existing Child Advocacy Centers across the nation and consulting with their staff. After a little over a year of information gathering, the task force formally announced the future development of the Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County.

Once committed the partner agencies quickly moved into the development phase -


  • Received Governor's grant for developing a child advocacy center
  • Recognized as a Kansas non-profit business entity


  • Granted IRS 501(c)3 non-profit status
  • Executive Director named after a nation-wide search
  • On-line community survey completed with help from WSU's Center for Community Support and Research
  • Annual Snowflake fundraiser was created and initiated


  • Awarded Associate member status from the National Children's Alliance
  • Community representatives are added to the current Board of Directors
  • Grant funds awarded to purchase state-of the art video recording system for forensic interviews
  • Wesley Medical Center coordinates with the CACSC to hold "Photos with Santa" fundraiser
  • Clinician from COMCARE is housed at CACSC to provide mental health services on-site


  • Sedgwick County awards funding to CACSC
  • City of Wichita provides money to CACSC to help support service delivery
  • Community partners begin to meet regularly as a multidisciplinary team (MDT)
  • Grant awarded for purchase and implementation of NCAtrak statistical tracking system
  • Local restaurants, On the Border (west) and Linkhaus, offer fundraising events for CACSC


  • Child Family Advocate Coordinator joins CACSC staff ensuring advocacy for clients & caregivers
  • Cox Communications pledges money to help support and continue the work of the CACSC
  • Oprah Winfrey interviews Wichita child abuse survivors & case investigators, CACSC serves as a consultant
  • Community supports CACSC events--Heroes Dinner & Change A Child's Life Event
  • Grant dollars received to hire a Program Manager
  • Junior League of Wichita selects CACSC as a grant recipient and begins Smiles and Tiles Project


  • 1st annual Changing A Child's Life Golf Tournament is held at the Wichita Country Club
  • Child & Family Therapist was hired for on-site therapy for children and non-offending caregivers
  • Received full Accreditation member status from the National Children's Alliance


  • Received grant to hire a part-time Child Family Advocate
  • 2nd Annual Changing a Child's Life Golf Tournament at the Wichita Country Club
  • 2nd Annual Heroes Gala was held at the Scottish Rite Center
  • Purchased building for future program growth and development
  • Started a Capital Campaign


  • 3rd Annual Changing a Child's Life Golf Tournament at the Wichita Country Club
  • 3rd Annual Heroes Gala was held at the Scottish Rite Center
  • J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation Challenge Grant met for the Capital Campaign
  • Received $1 million from Sedgwick County toward the Capital Campaign


  • 4th Annual Changing a Child's Life Golf Tournament at Willowbend Golf Club
  • 4th Annual Heroes Gala was held at the Scottish Rite Center
  • Received funding sources to add three new positions to our staff
  • Continued to receive donations toward the Capital Campaign
  • Renovations on the new CACSC building began

The Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County continues to work toward the creation of a child-focused facility with a co-located multidisciplinary team of service providers through fundraising efforts, exploration of potential building sites, continued organizational development which includes implementation of new procedures and protocols.

The Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County receives grant funding through the Kansas Governor's Grants Program. The contents of this publication are those of the CACSC and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of the Kansas Governor.